The Leicester Riders shocked us all when they lost out to the Sheffield Sharks 77-84 at this year’s BBL Playoff Final. 

The event was worthy of The o2 stage as everything was left on the floor in the most anticipated game of the year.



Leicester Riders’, Conner Washington, said, “It’s unlucky for us…We got into a drought and couldn’t get out.”

However, this doesn’t take away from their incredible year, as the Riders have often been named the deepest team in the league.

“Winning the BBL Trophy has to be my most memorable moment of this season,” Washington said. “I’m also very thankful to Midnight Madness for receiving the MM BBL Most Improved Player of the Year Award. I remember Nhamo said to me that I could do more than I’m doing…I try to grow as a player and a person and so I hope that by winning that award, people can see that I’m improving.”

Looking ahead, both players are excited for Midnight Madness this summer, especially Raheem May-Thompson, who is all too familiar with the perks of playing since making the MM Travel Team in 2014 to play in the Caribbean, representing GB in the the first annual Independence Classic Basketball Tournament.

May-Thompson, said, “Travelling away to St.Kitts & Nevis was an amazing experience. I definitely want to be a part of the Madness again, so I’ll be there this summer!”

Watch the exclusive post-game interview above to find out more!