Last Sunday, the London Copperbox Arena played host to one of the most anticipated games in the BBL league: London Lions vs Newcastle Eagles. With GB Captain and London Lions’ Small Forward Drew Sullivan going against his former club, the atmosphere in the arena remained lively throughout the afternoon with banners and flags waving high in the air to support both teams.

Right after tip off, the Newcastle Eagles were quick to secure the first bucket of the game. This did not seem to faze the Lions as the team came out firing with Zaire Taylor executing a good assist to Rod Brown who reached under the basket to score. Despite great rebounding from Makal Stibbins as well as Drew Sullivan attacking the basket and giving the crowd their first dunk of the afternoon, the first quarter belonged to the Eagles as they were up 22:19.

However, the beginning of the second quarter had the audience out of their seats as the Lions ’overtook the Eagles with Levell Cook scoring from wherever he wanted and Perry Lawson also knocking down threes. By the end of the first half, the Lions did well to close the gap and even out the game to 44:43.

Regardless of the Lions’ effort to catch up, Newcastle Eagle Andre Jones dominated the floor, swooping past the Lions to give his team a 10 point lead. There was no doubt the Eagles were a strong team as their display of good defence by Darius Defoe as well as smooth offence from Rahmon Fletcher proved why they currently sit at the top of the league.

Despite the Lions’ efforts to keep it to a close difference in the fourth, this did not stop Charles Smith picking up the pace and leading the Eagles to a victory of 87:96.