With the bright lights and excitement from the MM 2015 ‘White Out‘ Finals still fresh in their minds, the winners from the men’s competition came together to form the newest edition of the 2015-2016 MM Travel Team.  With a tough schedule lined up over the next 12 months, members of the the MM Travel Team are set to enjoy a series of international competitions, unrivalled opportunities and the chance to put their names and games on the radar of coaches across the globe.

“Our aim is to provide players with increased exposure and real opportunities that help their ongoing basketball development” said MM founder and resident Voice Of Reason, Nhamo Shire.  “We want British players to have a fair chance.  If you can play, you should be able to go as far as your talent deserves – and so our travel teams aim to put British players out there to show the world how talented British players really are, because despite all the progress we’ve made as a nation since the world stood up and took notice of Luol (Deng) we are still under-represented in international leagues across the world.  We want to help change that” Shire concluded.

The first test for the MM Men’s team will be a trip across to the sunny island of Madeira in Portugal, where they’ll face a tough Portuguese Pro A team, CAB Maderia, in theTAÇA CAB Championship.  The MM squad will be coached once again by head coach Jay Williams who looked forward to the challenge, “We’re used to taking team out and playing in summer tournaments, but this series will present a different challenge for us as we are going against a well-organised professional team who are fine-tuning for their regular season – but I like our team a lot.  We have length, athleticism, scoring and all-important defense and the ability to play in a variety of ways, so it should be a lot of fun” Williams said.

The competition will feature a 3 game challenge series, played over 3 days at CAB Madeira’s home venue.  The full roster of available players selected for the trip, taken from the MM Men’s 2015 Finals features some of the best known talent (GB Internationals: Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Ashley Hamilton and Orlan Jackman) alongside some of the best British players currently playing in the English National League (Dave Ajumobi, Bode Adeuola, Courtney Van-Beest) and some hungry young players ready to make a name for themselves on the international stage (Jason Tucker, Leome Francis and the unstoppable Ed Lucas).


Position First Name Surname Height
PG Bode Adeluola 5’11”
PG Ed Lucas 6’3″
SG Arturo Noha 6’3″
SG Jason Tucker 6’4″
SF Orlan Jackman 6’7″
SF Ashley Hamilton 6’8″
SF/PF David Ajumobi 6’5″
PF Courtney Van-Beest 6’6″
PF Leome Francis 6’6″
C Matthew Bryan-Amaning 6’9″
COACH: Jay Williams

All games will be covered via the website with full games posted, post tournament.