Dan Clark Basketball Camp 2016 | 25th-29th July 2016

Midnight Madness have enjoyed covering many of the Pro Brits abroad including the very talented GB International, Dan Clark, who has recently touched down from Spain after completing his twelfth season playing in the well respected Liga ACB. 

Clark, said, “The ACB is a tough league. We have top players, top teams, lots of of ex-NBA players, or players that will soon go to the NBA. The level of competition, in general, is a lot better in Spain.”

Now back on British grounds, the twenty-six year old looks forward to launching his third Dan Clark Basketball Camp from 25th-29th July 2016 at the UEL Sports Dock.



“I’m really excited about this year’s camp,” Clark said. “We’re here to help young people get better at basketball, and help grow the game.”

Named “the best shooter in the British game” by the Voice of Reason himself, Dan Clark has much experience and advice to offer the next generation of talent coming up.

“My game is based on fundamentals. If you can lock down the fundamentals, then you always stand a chance of playing basketball.”

Summer 2016 will also be a year to remember as Clark hopes to make an appearance at this year’s Midnight Madness.

“I’ve always been away in Spain when MM is on, so this year will be the perfect chance to come down.”