Jordan Spencer finished his season on a high with Augustana Vikings who claimed their first National Championship title in school history after beating no.1 ranked team, Lincoln Memorial University, 90-81. 

Spencer finished with 8 points, 7 assists and 3 steals, as well as celebrated his season by setting a new record for assists as he finished with an impressive total of 244 altogether, breaking Pat Freidel’s record of 240 assists in 1987-88.

Spencer said, “The game was close through out. We started off hot and from there knew we could compete and beat this number 1 ranked team. The first real game we started off as under dogs, making the whole day was surreal with the build up and the importance of it all.

“To think I’m one of the only British players to say they have a National Championship is something no one can take away from me.”

“The amount of support I’ve had from everyone is crazy! Back home and in the states,  I am just so happy we could get a chip for the university whilst representing my family, friends and country.”

Now the season has finished, there’s everything to look forward to as summer is fast approaching.

In a quick catch up with the National Champion, we asked Jordan if he’ll be making an appearance at Midnight Madness this year? If so, we wanted to know what his plans were around ensuring he continues to stand out at home, and remain The Fresh Prince?

In response, Spencer answered,Not sure on coming back to the UK as the flights are too expensive, BUT, if I do make an appearance, I’ll definitely be back at Midnight Madness! It’ll be great to get it done consistently throughout and start competing with these elite Point Guards who are playing at the highest level in Europe, so would be cool just to see where I’m at. As always, I want to thank everyone for the love back home, it’s really appreciated!”


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