Midnight Madness are teaming up with former Brixton Topcats WBBL Head Coach and current England U16 Girls Assistant Coach Steve Vear to spearhead a brand new online platform solely dedicated to celebrating British Women’s Basketball!

Following on from the success from the MM2015 campaign which saw the first ever UK female travel team representing Midnight Madness compete in Portugal, we feel it’s now time to take female hoops to the next level. is to become the new home for female ballers. A place to promote and celebrate British female basketball at home and across the globe – showing the world British female ballers  have major game and it’s about time we all joined forces to shout about it!

The site will strive to provide up to date news and inside stories on players of all ages, both at home and abroad, to share their hard work and considerable successes with a much wider audience. The ultimate aim of the site is to help elevate female basketball across Britain, while also inspiring girls to get involved in our sport through profiling the amazing role models we have throughout the women’s game.

Steve Vear: “Everyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about helping the women’s game grow at all levels.  We have some truly outstanding players in our game, not only in the WBBL but also over in the states playing college ball and over in Europe – all achieving amazing things that are flying under the radar.  We’ve come together to see if we can play some small part in helping address that”.

MM Founder, Nhamo Shire: “Myself, Swarzy and Steve have been talking about this ever since we were all over in Portugal last summer with the MM women’s travel team.  We’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth about how we could use the platforms we’ve started with MM and also the show (About To Go In) to really give the women the attention they deserve.  Steve has obviously been very active in the women’s game over the years and has become somewhat of a ‘go to’ for both the WBBL and the governing body, in addition to being a the women’s analyst on the show and coaching our women’s travel team last year with Lisa (Williams) so it all just made sense. We’ve got more in store down the line, but I’m excited to be involved in helping take the women’s game forward as there are so many players doing big things that need to be celebrated and communicated back to the next generation so they may be inspired to get involved in our sport too.  This is about trying to to create some form of transferable legacy and we’ll be doing what we can to help make it actually happen”.

The site can be found at <ahref=””> – you can play your part by sharing the site with all of your friends and raising awareness of the platform so we can get as much attention on the women’s game as it so rightly deserves.

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