We like Lebron James around here…He’s been a visible supporter of what we do at Midnight Madness and also has given back to the community through our grassroots program London School of Basketball so maybe we’re biased – but when we say he’s the greatest player on the planet, it’s not all hype.

Need evidence?

This is the guy who has taken last seasons cellar-dwellar’s, the Cleveland Cavaliers (#FreeKyrie), from pain to pleasure in just one season.  Success follows Lebron like a groupie on heat.  To say he is just supremely talented does not do his overall control of the game of basketball justice.  What Lebron does on the court is far more than simply overpower teams with superior athleticism, he plays the game within the game like a conductor leading an orchestra – or 9th Wonder produces a beat (hip-hop lives!).  Understanding and excelling in every facet of the game, Lebron has elevated to the level of mastery only a small handful have ever walked before (Magic, Michael, Larry?) and, dare we say it…maybe doing it better than anyone ever has before!

The debate will reign forever on who is better between era’s but there is little doubt what Lebron is doing right now, ranks up amongst the greatest playoff runs of all time.  In leading the Cavs to the finals, with only a ‘Big 1.5’ (Love is out and Kyrie is injured), Lebron averaged a Big O (Oscar Robertson kids, Google him…) level triple double with 30.1 points, 11 rebounds and 9.3 assists (okay, not a complete triple double, but its safe to say it would have been if he had played more than 23 minutes in the close out game).

Lebron and Kyrie now get to rest up and wait for Golden State to finish off Houston before gearing up for the final push toward what will be a historic NBA title, and the first ever for the city of Cleveland.