MM Founder Nhamo Shire with an update on the MM Tournament

A special message to the whole MM family from MM founder Nhamo Shire, aka ‘The Voice Of Reason’:

For all those who have not yet heard, the Midnight Madness tournament will return in 2017.  We’re not taking this summer off, but instead are in ‘the lab’ working hard on a number of areas to improve the tournament for players, fans and the British basketball community-at-large so we can continue to elevate the game, celebrate the players and deliver the unique event experiences we’ve become well known for.

Coming into summer 2016 I felt the offering we had on the table really didn’t add or build on what we achieved last summer and those who know Midnight Madness, will know that we are always about progression and constantly striving to get better.  When I started this movement all those years ago it was always for the players first and foremost and about providing opportunities and experiences that we otherwise just couldn’t access – and so any MM events we put out must be able to deliver upon that promise.   

Ballers know, you have to come correct, or don’t come at all.  If your game isn’t where it needs to be, get back in the gym and get your reps up. So that’s what we’ve been doing this summer and have some exciting things in the pipeline for next summer that will enable us to really take things to another level and represent MM, you (the ballers) and the whole country in the way we believe we should be represented on the international stage.  We are here to widen British baller’s horizons and provide experiences that inspire you to work harder, get better and let your skills, not politics, do the talking, opening up doors to new opportunities for you to shine. That’s the goal, that’s our ‘chip’ – anything less isn’t going to get it done.  That’s what we are working on right now for next summer.

I appreciate the overwhelming love and supportive messages I’ve been getting all summer from ballers, coaches and fans up and down the country.  Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere (well…technically we are, but it won’t mean no MM in the UK ;).  We will be back next summer, bigger, better and ready to roll out something that we feel will shine more positive light on our game and all of the players who put that work in to represent us all on the big stage.

In the meantime, we stay busy as ever, on our grassroots grind with the new season of our Community Basketball League fast approaching (www.cblhoops.co.uk), while also staying active with our outdoor basketball initiative Ball Out (www.ball-out.co.uk), to make sure we continue to give the people what they need.

I’ll also be back with Swarzy, Steve and a whole host of special guests for the new season of About To Go In at the end of September and so will feed through everything you need to know about the 2017 tournament through the show and of course on the site.

In the meantime, my advice to ballers who plan on playing in the new MM in 2017?  Get your reps up – the game is about to change…

Work hard, stay safe and see you soon.

Nhamz, aka ‘The Voice Of Reason’.

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