Meet The Heat: Amy

Full Name:  Amy Ann ReedAmy-Reed-MHD-profile

Nickname:  Ams or Reedy

Birthday:  May 17th

Hometown:-Stevenage / Hertfordshire

Qualifications:  BA (Honours) Urban Dance Practise, National Diploma in Dance

Experience:  Danced with a Ballroom and Latin company ‘Footstepz’ for several years, then went to the University of East London to study Urban Dance BA Honours. Also previously taught and performed with a company named ‘Street Dance Productions’.   Danced at the Olympic Park for major sporting events.

I bet you didn’t know:  I was able to showcase a dance performance for the Queen and Royal family at the Coronation Festival in 2014.

Favourite food:  Mums Sunday roast and fresh fruit cocktail 🙂


Favourite Song:  Mr Probz (waves)

Pet peeve: Anybody that bites on any type of paper or clothing etc, what a horrible thing! It makes my teeth shiver!

Guilty pleasure:  A chicken korma!

3 words to describe yourself:  Fun, Ambitious, Bubbly.

Proudest moment: Teaching, performing and working alongside children with physical and learning difficulties to create a show stopping performing in a local theatre.

Most embarrassing moment: Dancing to some music whilst concentrating on my phone in the most packed area of the town centre, ending in walking into not only one but two lamp posts. Then casually trying to walk away whilst everybody was standing laughing. Think that’s taught me a little lesson.

Advice to young dancers: Always strive to be the best, no matter how hard, never give up on your passion. Work hard and if you get knocked back, turn it into a positive and bounce back and be more determined.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a dancer:  It was always in my heart that I was going to be a dancer, somehow! But if not I would have probably gone into the beauty industry, after growing up around a family that has been with beauty for many years.

Quote you live by: To dance is to be yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

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