MM Partner With GLL Foundation & London Lions

As London gets ready for the long-awaited return of Midnight Madness this Saturday at the Copper Box Arena, MM announce two new local partnerships which underpin the brand commitment to providing new opportunities for ballers across the capital.

GLL Sport Foundation (GSF) is an independent athlete support scheme run by GLL, a charitable social enterprise that manages sport and leisure venues across London, including the Copper Box on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  GSF supports gifted and talented young athletes towards reaching their full potential by reducing the financial burden of training and competition costs, particularly for those who live in deprived social and economic areas.  In partnering with Midnight Madness and our charitable arm, Reach & Teach, GSF has committed 3 full scholarships for the MVP’s of each tournament division which will provide:

  • Year round membership access to GLL gyms, courts and facilities  – addressing one of the biggest obstacles ballers across the country face in their pursuit of their ‘hoop dreams’…access to gyms and training facilities to work on their skills.  The GSF/MM scholarship equips the outstanding players from Midnight Madness with the tools and resources they need to pursue their basketball goals by granting an annual multi-centre GLL membership to fully-equipped state-of-the-art gyms and basketball courts throughout GLL centres.
  • Individual access to sports scientists and specialist training programs throughout the year – hard work, discipline and dedication are all essential ingredients for elite basketball success, but sometimes it’s about working smarter not harder.  The GSF/MM scholarship also provides each of the Midnight Madness MVP’s with their own individualised assessment and training program, designed by sports scientists, nutritionists and sports psychologists to identify weaknesses and provide training programs that turn them into strengths.
  • Need based training bursary – in addition to the access to facilities and specialist training support, the scholarship may, in some instances, also provide financial support for need based elite athletes to draw upon in support of training costs and career building opportunities.  Grant support may be used for need based travel, training equipment and the facilitation of opportunities for career development on the international level that may otherwise not be possible.

GLL Sport Foundation Chairman, Peter Bundey said “It gives me great pleasure to confirm GLL Sport Foundation is working in partnership with Midnight Madness in support of the future stars of British basketball.  It is crucial that we support the talent and enthusiasm of our young sporting stars.  Together, we can help young athletes bridge the gaps between where they may presently be and where their potential may take them”.

The London Lions are London’s only professional basketball franchise and are committed to developing pathways from grassroots through to elite level competitions across the capital.  The partnership with Midnight Madness signifies the first of 3 new BBL club partnerships MM have established for the 2014-2015 season in helping both players find teams and teams find talented players (additional franchises will be announced in the run up to the events).

The new partnership recognises Midnight Madness as the official talent identification pathway for all aspiring free agents and academy prospects who want to earn a roster place on the London Lions professional team or one of the Lions emerging academies for the forthcoming 2014-2015 season.

London Lions CEO and Head Coach Vince Macaulay said “Midnight Madness is well known for attracting the best players from across the country and so it was a natural fit for us in partnering up to evaluate the best players from across the London region as we finalise our rosters for the upcoming season.  Players who are interested in representing London’s only professional basketball team, playing at the Copper Box on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park all season long, need to come along to the qualifying events and show they have what it takes to make it all the way through to a Lions professional roster spot.  Our coaches and scouts will be at all the events looking for players for the mens team and also the college aged players for our new Lions partnered academies”.