The lineup in the MM World Slam Dunk Championship promised to deliver one of the best competitions of all time.

They didn’t disappoint…

With representatives flying in from around the world to compete, the stage was set for something special.  Former MM Dunk Champ Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, (Canada), threw down blow for blow against 2012 MM Dunk Finalist (and the man many say won that competition ) Dmitry ‘Smoove’ Krivenko (Ukraine) and Rafel ‘Lipek’ Lipinski (Poland) in the final round, after eliminating the under-appreciated Porter ‘What’s Gravity?’ Maberry, Kristaps ‘Rim Snaps’ Dargais and the UK’s very own Joel ‘Bounce’ Henry.

Technically, Krivenko pulled off some of the most technically difficult dunks ever witnessed in a dunk competition…anywhere…ever.  Watch the clip again for further evidence.  Meanwhile Darlington brings a blend of abnormal agility with the most explosive dunking power you’ll find on a basketball court.  Watch his cartwheel dunk again in the clip.  It’s not just the difficulty of the cartwheel, it’s the ferocity of the dunk.  Is this life?

However, ultimately it was the superhuman leaping ability and ‘no limit’ attitude of Lipinski who took home the title.  His style is a blend of both of the other finalist, harnessing both complex technical ability (check out his 720 in the clip) with the ‘snap your neck back’ raw power.  ‘Lipek’ is the one dunker who seems to continue dropping jaws to the floor with his own personal game of ‘can you top that?’ as he pushes the boundaries of dunking greatness to new levels.   He’s the real deal.

The overall competition will go down as one of the greatest ever witnessed, through sheer volume of insane dunks.  We could have taken the 6th place dunker and won any other competition in the UK.  The 5th place dunker would have won the NBA Slam Dunk Competition this year.  As for the top 4?  Well, you had to be there in person to really understand what went down and what it felt like to be up close and personal with dunking greatness…

We salute the Kings.

And we’ll see you next year…