Midnight Madness have been supporting Charles Yassi-Pepin ever since he picked up the game of basketball, and given all the attention he has received from both Europe and the States, we take the time to congratulate him on his decision to commit to Laramie County Community College, Wyoming. 

Charles said, “I’m really excited about LCCC and have chosen them as my next step because of their type of play. They play a lot with the bigs and no one is limited to one job, but depending on your skill set and how quickly you improve, they adjust plays for you to get the ball and score.”


After his appearance on the icey white floor last summer, the Midnight Madness 2015 U20 Champion has grown up playing with the best Britain has to offer.  Initially starting his basketball with the Peckham Pride then moving on to win a national championship with the Greenhouse Pioneers and then this past season turning heads at Barking Abbey while making the jump up to D1 Men’s National League playing for the Kent Crusaders against the best the country has to offer.

It comes as no surprise that Charles is in high demand, and so Swarzy Macaly sat down with him to find out about his story, journey, and  expectations as he takes the next step towards achieving his ultimate goals.

For the inside scoop on this rising star, take a moment to watch the exclusive interview above as  we present the top 1o things you need to know about LCCC’s newest edition, Charles Yassi-Pepin!