#Rank First Name Surname Team Total Score
1 Nicolette Fong Lyen Quee BLACK 7
2 Sevian Witter BLACK 6
2 Gabby Nikitinaite BLACK 6
3 Ejay Ofomata BLACK 5
3 Faith Okwuosa RED 5
3 Abby Young BLACK 5
4 Jenelle Grant RED 4
4 Gem Salmon BLACK 4
4 Amber Charles RED 4
5 Emerald Ekpiteta BLACK 3*
5 Naomi Campbell RED 3
5 Rashana Dias BLACK 3
6 Rachel James RED 2
6 Ilze Holsteina RED 2
7 Josephine Salmon RED 1
7 Ishara Bilson-Graham RED 1
7 Shanice Turner BLACK 1
8 Lavinia Da Silva RED 0
9 Theresa Jackson BLACK -1
10 Naomi McKenzie RED -2

*Emerald Ekpiteta qualifiers as the final player for the travel team by winning the free-throw shoot out for the final place.

At just 16 years of age, the future for Gabby Nikitnaite looks brighter than the midday sun.  Athletic, strong and able to handle the ball well at 6’0″, Nikitinaite can play both guard positions.  In fact, her rugged play and willingness to ‘mix it up’ physically allows her to play multiple positions on the floor with women several years her senior.  Gabby shot the ball well throughout the MM summer tournament, but it was her no-nonsense, hard-nosed play that separated her from the pack and ultimately earned her the first ever title of MM ‘Queen Of The Summer’.  Without doubt, a talent who should be on both college and pro coaches radars on both sides of the atlantic.  This girl is going places…

Nicolette Fong Lyen Quee ended the night as the overall top scorer on the Ball Without Bias Leaderboard and for those who witnessed her blistering quickness, there was little surprise as to why.  A pass first point guard who disrupts defenses by attacking the gaps, she is hard to stay in front of once she puts on the burners.  Nicolette also proved she can shoot the ball from the outside, which spells trouble for anyone hoping to contain her with single coverage.  For all of her hard work on Finals Night, she earned a well-earned ticket to Portugal to test herself against the best.

The MM Women’s finals also capped a great ‘comeback’ from Sevian Witter, who had taken the past season off from competitive play.  A second place finish on Finals Night and a place on the MM Travel Team, who will head over to Portugal in September, should give Sevian all the confirmation she should ever need, to know she belongs amongst the best.  A hard worker with a coachable attitude and demonstrative quickness, Witter brings positivity and potential to the court and will be a welcomed addition to the MM Travel Team.

Perhaps the most talented women on show on the night was Ijeoma (Ejay) Ofomata. Ejay is quite simply ‘too hard to guard’ and is not afraid to prove why she remains one of the most talented prospects we saw all summer.  Powerful, quick and athletic, Ofomata has excellent agility and body control for a woman as strong as she is – making her unstoppable in one on one situations.  There was little surprise she made the travel team and will likely be a force to be reckoned with over in Portugal.

Faith Okwuosa was possibly the most athletic player of the night, filling the lanes on offense and causing havoc with her long limbs on defense.  She has an excellent ‘motor’ and often wins by outworking her opponent.  The best thing about her is undoubtedly that she has only scratched the surface of how good she can be, as her skills catch up with her athletic ability she could be the player to make the most drastic jump in levels both professionally and potentially internationally if presented with the right opportunity.

Abby Young was one of the more proficient players on show and had perhaps the most refined ‘inside out’ game on the night.   Capable of stepping out and hitting from long range, Young is also adept at scoring in bundles around the basket with a variety of pivot moves from the post and a soft touch around the basket.

Jenelle Grant is another young player destined for big things.  An accomplished athlete with a visibly impressive work ethic, Grant works on her craft – and it shows.  A comfortable shooter out to mid-range, Jenelle also has a variety of dribble-drive moves attacking the basket and is an active defender.  Her positive attitude and competitiveness are are rare blend in such a young player, which alongside her obvious skill, had many onlookers tabbing her as the one who really does have ‘next’.

Rounding out the top 10 on the night was the savvy veteran Gem Salmon, who made smart plays all evening, alongside ‘always active’ combo-guard Amber Charles and the enigmatic Emerald Ekpiteta who proved to be one of the better post players in the biggest game of the summer.

As reward for all of their hard work over the summer and in the finals, these 10* have now earned their place on the first ever MM Women’s Travel Team who fly out to Portugal to represent Britain in international competition.

*Pending availability of all 10 winners